Bottom Line is, If you've got anything less than perfect 20/20vision, Do Yourself Good to read this report till the end

 I formally suffered of Glaucoma. My Eyes showed all symptoms of Eye problems.


Most of these symptoms started at my teens but I was naive and took them for granted. Though I am a nurse but I was moved into researching on natural and traditional means to improve and correcting Poor Vision because I was diagnosed of Glaucoma at age 30.


Initially I do personal research on natural fruits and diets that will help improve my sight. I combined my findings with the Eye drops that I was recommended by the ophthalmological unit in our hospital. The right fruits and diet helped me but because my eyes has damaged to a certain degree the impact was not curative.


Few months later, a public lecture was held in the university college hospital where I work in commemoration of the 2018 world Glaucoma week with the theme ‘’ Green: Go get your eyes tested for Glaucoma- save your eyes.


I curiously took advantage of the program and had free Eyes screening and a medicated eye Glass was recommended for me which I bought at a discounted price feeling that my eye problem will come to an end.




 What is Glaucoma?  


They described Glaucoma as silent eye blindness and an extremely serious eye disorder which can cause blindness if not treated early. Glaucoma is a disease that damages the optic nerve, the part of the eye that carries the images we see through the brain.



They are no obvious symptoms of Glaucoma but that increased in Pressure in the eye may be an indicator and those with family history of blindness or Glaucoma, diabetes, hypertension.


How Glaucoma occur


If you have Glaucoma, the clear liquid that circulates in the front portion of the eyes fluid does not flow properly through the drainage system. Normally the fluid produced is balanced by the fluid draining out, but if it cannot escape or too much is produced, the eye pressure will rise.


The fluid pressure increases and this extra force press on the optic nerve in the back of the eye, causing damage to the nerve fibres therefore increased eye pressure was the primary cause of glaucoma, if the optic nerves comes under too much pressure, then it can be injured




In 2018 when I was 40years, on this fateful day when I was returning from working in the afternoon, the cloud was gathering in preparation for a heavy rain.


Suddenly heavy dusty breeze spinning and carrying lighter particles and stones almost flown me, filling my eyes with dirt. Immediately I cleaned up my eyes with handkerchief but yet felt like a heavy log of wood was in my eyes that couldn’t be removed. Tears continued to roll down my cheeks.


The next day I reported to work in bad eye condition and the Doctor who is optometric consultant heading the eye unit of our hospital immediately scheduled me for eye screening. He prescribed a visual field test to be carried on my eyes.


I was asked to place my chin on a stand which appears before a concave computerized screen. I was asked to press a buzzer whenever a flash of light appear. At the end of the test the Doctor received a printout of my field of vision which enable him analyse the test and as well monitor progression of visual field loss over successive test.



The Doctor revealed that I was diagnosed with Acute Glaucoma which is a primary open Angle Glaucoma. He said that my eyes IOP increased suddenly as heavy particles fell into my eyes though it may be coincidental.


Immediately I was prescribed with a combination of eye drops which help construct the pupil and drugs that help reduce the eye fluid production.


As soon as the IOP was controlled to a safe level, the ophthalmologist performed a laser iridology to make a small opening in the iris to help the fluid to flow more freely and some drugs where used to anesthetize my eyes so that I would not feel pain.


The ophthalmologist further advice that eye surgical operation called Trabeallectory will be required for a lasting solution since eye drops, pills and eye glasses has not helped me.


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