TOILET INFECTIONS: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and prevention

toilet infection

TOILET INFECTIONS: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and prevention

What is Toilet Infection?

Toilet Infection does not actually exists as a disease in Medicine. Any non-medical person will refer to an infection around the vagina as toilet infection.

Toilet Infection Symptoms: What are the Signs of Toilet Infection?

The general signs and symptoms of toilet infections are:

Itching: This is the commonest sign and it can occur at anytime. This itching can be so intense that it can make a woman to feel like crying especially if you are in the public. The bad side of it is that, in some women, the itching comes with pain whenever you try to scratch or rub the area. This is very discomforting.

Pain on Urination: Some people experience severe pain especially when urinating or when having sex. It is usually burning pain or itis peppery in nature as described by many women.

Abnormal Vaginal Discharge: There could be a discharge from the vagina that is not normal from the normal fluid secreted in the vagina that helps to keep it moist. This abnormal discharge is usually noticed when it becomes much, or when it starts smelling or when the color is abnormal.

The color and smell of the discharge helps in knowing to some extent what type of organism is causing it. So always note the color when you want to go and see your doctor. The differences are explained below.

Abnormal Menstrual flow: When this becomes too much, it could affect the number of days it takes for your flow to end. It could also affect the Amount and the timing.

Abdominal Pain: Toilet infections may also cause severe lower abdominal pain in some women that may be mistaken for menstrual pains. Vaginal infections areimportant causes of chronic (long) lower abdominal pain.

How do we get Toilet infections? Some Habits that make you have Toilet Infection

Vaginal douching: This refers to the various ways that women clean their vagina with the feeling that it makes it clean. The truth is that, this is harmful.

So when you use medicated soap or salt with warm water or antiseptics, or Antibiotics, you are actually killing the good bacteria that are in the vagina and you create more space for the bad ones to live in it. And trust me, these bad ones have develop resistance to so many drugs.

Method of cleaning the anus: The method we recommend for women to clean the anus after using the toilet is by cleaning it from front to the back. Furthermore, the wrong way is cleaning it from the back to the front.

Use of dirty toilet: The most common means by which women get this infection, is through this means, and I think it is the reason why women refer to it as toilet infection. But the toilet is not the only way you can get an infection as explained above and in fact, some are actually sexually transmitted. Some ways in which women use the toilet wrongly are explained below:

Squatting: Most women get infected by squatting to urinate. This is not good because someone might have used the same place and that person might have been infected already, so by squatting to urinate, you get infected when your urine touches the ground, picks up the micro-organism in the infected persons urine and then splash back and touches the vagina. And believe me, you just need a single drop to be infected because millions of these organism exist in just a drop.

Water system toilet: – If you are using the water system of toilet for defecating, I advise you use enough tissue paper inside the seat before using the toilet. Furthermore, this is because the water mostly splash and touches the vagina.

And also remember the vagina is expose directly to the toilet sink. This will get you infected easily. The best way is just to put enough toilet tissue in the water so as to prevent the splashing.

Use of some perfumes and soaps: Some women use perfumes and spray on the vagina in order to make it smell nice. Wow, that is serious, who is suppose to come and smell it?.

Furthermore, but the fact is that, perfumes, or scented soaps are very good source of growing germs. Germs love to grow on things that are sweet or scented, so stop using any perfume or scented soap on your vagina. Besides that, if you do not want it to smell, simply wash with ordinary clean water while bathing.

Use of wet underwears: It is surprising that some women use the same pant or “Skin Tight” day in day out for many days before changing. This will make germs to grow on it and they will infect the vagina.

Furthermore, these germs do not grow like maize or beans that you think it will take a long time before the grow. Bacteria grow in minutes and some, in hours. So just give them 6 hours and they can grow to millions.

Weakened immune system: When your immune system (which is just like a soldier that fights diseases in your body) becomes weak and unable to fight infections, then normal micro-organisms that were not harmful becomes harmful because there is nothing to control their actions.

The immune system can become weak due to the following: having HIV/AIDS, taking Steroids, Excessive Alcohol, having Diabetes, Pregnancy and many other diseases.

Use of Antibiotics: Some people misuse drugs so much that whenever they have a tiny boil on the hand, they will take antibiotics. When you use Antibiotics inappropriately just because you think you know drugs, or may be you feel people are using it; I am sorry to tell you that you are causing harm to yourself.

Furthermore, antibiotics do not just destroy the Harmful microorganisms in the body but they also attack the protective bacteria in the vagina. These protective bacteria are the ones that normally stop the harmful organisms from overgrowing.


Prevention of Toilet Infections

I have written on the various ways you can get infected. You can prevent infection by the following ways:

Stop Vaginal douching: Just use clean water to wash your vagina when bathing if you feel dirty. Because medicated soap, antiseptics and salt, harm the good bacteria living in the vagina. So in order not to kill them, simply use ordinary clean water.

Always change your inner-wears : At least change your inner wear everyday and if you live in places that are hot, you need to change, At least twice. But the recommended way is to change whenever you come back from work or whenever you’ve sweat much.

Always stand or just bend while urinating: By bending to urinate, it prevents you from getting infection through splashing of the urine. I know it may seem difficult, but after you finish, just wash your legs with water. This will help you a lot than the stress and discomfort of having infections.

Do not share inner-wears: Some ladies share inner wears! It is the truth but if you do this, simply stop it. Some may say she is my friend, some say she is my sister. I wonder if your sister or friends cannot have infections. After all, everyone that has the infection is a friend or sister to someone. So STOP sharing inner-wears.

Stop using Perfume on the vagina: Stop the use of perfume or scented soap on the vagina.

Use Cotton Inner-wears: Cotton can absorb moisture easily than nylon, so using cotton will help absorb moisture and prevents irritation of the vaginal environment.

Care in Intercourse: Whenever you have sex, make sure you don’t have injuries in the process, because some people tend to use some unimaginable means.

When you abide by these principles, you will help yourself so much. But if you fail to follow them, then i can assure you that no amount of drug can help you.

Natural treatment

Natural treatment of toilet infection Nigerian women have some natural methods of treating toilet infections. Also, those ladies who have been struggling with the disease should use all these natural methods.

 Here is a short list of methods of natural treatment:

Douching with vinegar

After menstruation or sexual intercourse, a lot of women carry out douching for microflora purification.

The reason is that douching can significantly change the natural environment of the female genitals. This will only make the situation worse, so we recommend you not to do it without your doctor’s guidance.

Eating garlic:

This method is mainly to help with killing infectious bacteria and restoring the microflora. Some women even make special tampons by wrapping chopped garlic in gauze and putting it instead a tampon. However, one should not be keep it in the body for longer than two hours.

Apart from eating garlic, you can also consume some other useful products like goat milk.

Milk and garlic:

To make this treatment, you should boil 0.5 liters of milk and add some garlic cloves. After the mixture cools, use it as a douche to get rid of the itching and pain. It is best to do the douching before bed. After finishing the process, you should rinse the vagina with mixture of soda and water.


Another natural way of beating toilet infection is eating yogurt which contains healthy bacteria like lactobacillus acidophilus. Yogurt is a good for influence the growth of useful bacteria in the body. Nonetheless, studies have shown that using this method to treat yeast infection could lead to controversial outcomes.

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