Stretch marks removal


Stretch marks removal

It is a good thing if you want your skin as perfect as ever. Furthermore, most women suffer from stretch marks usually after pregnancy, but that’s not the only cause for it. Besides that, men too have stretch marks which is why this article is very important for stretch mark removal, and so do women who are not pregnant. Stretch marks occur due to a sudden weight gain or weight loss.

There is no denying the fact that stretch marks can turn out to be quite annoying. Furthermore, Be it teenagers or adults, people of all age groups can anyone can experience stretch marks. Also, people often end up resorting to various beauty treatments to get rid of stretch marks.

However, not many realize that chemical-laden beauty treatments also come along with their own sets of side-effects.  Also, in order to steer clear of the harmful side-effects, one can bring to use some effective home remedies.

There are various natural products for stretch marks removal and lighten them if not make them disappear completely. However, it requires a regular skin care programme and strict discipline.

Here are a few effective home remedies to reduce stretch marks –

1. Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a plant that helps regenerate skin tissue and as such it has miraculous healing properties. It’s a good stretch mark removal. Take the fresh gel from the leaf and massage onto the area with stretch marks and leave on for 20-30 minutes. Do it daily and wash off with tepid water.

2. Cocoa Butter

The use of cocoa butter helps in stretch marks removal and I have seen that if used during and after pregnancy it makes the stretch marks disappear completely. Furthermore, the best time to use cocoa butter is at night, so massage it well into the skin and over a period of time you will find the stretch marks removal and fading away.

3. Cucumber and Lemon Juice

Lemon juice’s natural acidity helps heal and reduce scars and cucumber juice provides the cool soothing effect leaving your skin fresh. Furthermore, mix lime juice and cucumber juice in equal parts, and apply the mixture on the affected areas till it gets soaked up by the skin. Besides that, Let it be on your skin for approx. 10 minutes after which you can rinse it off using warm water.

4. Almond and Coconut Oil

Use almond and coconut oil in equal quantities to reduce stretch marks. Furthermore, massage it on the skin regularly. Therefore, this home remedy is absolutely natural, which means no harmful side-effects. Besides that, follow this remedy religiously and watch out for effective results. Try it.

5. Apricot Mask and Oil

Apricots have great exfoliating tendencies, which make them very effective when it comes to stretch marks removal. Furthermore, take 2-3 apricots, cut them and take out the seeds. Also, crush the fruit into a paste and apply this mask on the stretch mark affected areas and leave it on for 15 minutes. Besides that, using warm water, wash it off and then repeat the process every day for a month to see results. Also, Pure apricot oil has skin rejuvenating properties and therefore helps in stretch marks removal. Massage onto the skin with some lemon juice for effective results.

6. Castor Oil

Because of their dried, shrivelled up look, stretch marks need nourishment and moisture. Castor oil when massaged onto the skin will help heal and smoothen the marks slowly. But this is something that you need to constantly feed the skin with.

7. Shea butter

Apart from being highly moisturizing for the skin, shea butter possesses antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular application will keep your skin healthy and repair any damaged cells.

8. Olive oil

Olive oil is rich in nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants. It is very healthy for skin and helps in relieving multiple skin problems like stretch marks. It has anti-inflammatory properties too.

9. Coffee scrub

Coffee is rich in caffeine that has high biological activity and can penetrate the skin easily. It stimulates the degradation of fats under the skin and also has antioxidant properties. The gentle scrubbing motion will also enhance the blood flow in that area. All of these work well together for stretch marks.

10. Glycolic Acid

This chemical is easily available in a medical store and is considered safe to apply, even during pregnancy. It increases the collagen in your skin, making it more elastic and healthy. This will fade away your stretch marks.


Do not go out in the sun after applying this as it can cause sunburns easily. If you cannot avoid stepping out in the sunlight, protect your skin with the right gear.


It will require your time and patience but the results will be fruitful. So now that you have some easy and useful home remedies to deal with stubborn stretch marks, start right away.

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