SCURVY: symptoms, causes, remedies, diet and natural treatment


SCURVY: symptoms, causes, remedies, diet and natural treatment

Scurvy is a disease that is caused by the deficiency of vitamin C. This disease is characterized by bleeding and swelling in the gums and was earlier known as the sailor’s disease due to its regular occurrence in men at sea, who were deprived of foods rich in vitamin C.

What is Scurvy Disease?

Scurvy may cause a lot of physical weakness and a general feeling of malaise. There is severe gingivitis and eventual hemorrhaging in the skin. The lack of ascorbic acid causes many other malfunctions in the body’s mechanisms.


Loss of appetite and diarrhea are some of the first few noticeable symptoms. A person may begin to lose weight despite eating regular large meals. Also, a person may find it difficult to increase his or her weight. Other symptoms include fever, malaise, irritability, and discomfort in the legs. The skin may also become tender and easily bruised. A skin disorder, known as hyperkeratosis, beading of the cartilage between the joints, corkscrew hair, and an autoimmune disease that affects the cartilage of the body known as sicca syndrome, are some of the other symptoms of Vitamin C deficiency. There may also be internal hemorrhaging, and you may feel numbness and occasional paralysis as well.

Vitamin C Symptoms:

Vitamin C has a lot of functions in the body. It is an antioxidant that helps stabilize ions in the body to prevent cancers. It is also very essential for developing a healthy immune system. Vitamin C helps prepare collagen, which is the elastic portion of the skin, and allows the skin to remain supple and young for a longer time. Vitamin C is also a great nutrient for keeping the heart and the cardiovascular system healthy.


The main cause of scurvy is a deficiency of vitamin C. If you have not been taking your daily recommended allowance of vitamin C, it will eventually cause this. The deficiency could be caused due to restrictive diets, allergies to vitamin C, anorexia, or a largely meat or fish diet. A difficulty in ingesting foods orally is also a cause of scurvy.


Scurvy is caused due to the deficiency of vitamin C. Following are some of the most effective remedies for this condition:

Lemon extract:

An effective home remedy is lemon extract. Lemon juice is rich in ascorbic acid. Mix the juice of one entire lemon with a glass of lukewarm water and honey. Drink this mixture twice a day till the symptoms begin to subside.


Dry some gooseberries and grind them into a powder. Now mix this powder with some powdered sugar and consume a spoonful twice every day. You can even dissolve the mixture into water and drink it. Adding a spoonful of this mixture to lukewarm milk and drinking it before you go to bed can help reduce the symptoms of scurvy. This scurvy cure can slowly help you restore your biochemical balance.


Eat oranges and drink orange juice as the fruit is a rich source of vitamin C. Some of the other foods that contain vitamin C are kiwi fruit, grapefruit, cantaloupes, sweet lemon, and tomatoes. Green leafy vegetables also consist of high amounts of vitamin C, and therefore should be consumed regularly.


It would also help to include potatoes in any diet to treat it. Boil some potatoes and make yourself some mash potatoes. You can also make some tomato gravy to go with it. Both tomatoes and potatoes are rich in vitamin C and this combination can help you deal with it’s symptoms.

Green vegetables:

Consume green vegetables like Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage, and green peppers. This is another natural scurvy treatment.

Vitamin C:

Scurvy treatment and management is usually done with the regular consumption of vitamin C. Once you get your body biochemical balance restored to the normal levels, you can begin consuming the daily recommended allowance of the nutrient. Consuming vitamin C regularly can help in both scurvy treatment and prevention.


The diagnosis of scurvy is done by a physical examination. The examination helps the doctor corroborate all the physical symptoms of the disease. Once scurvy is diagnosed, the doctor can let you know how to cure scurvy. The treatment then involves the consumption of a lot of vitamin C.


These diet should include lots of foods that are rich in vitamin C. Citrus fruits such as oranges, kiwifruits, grapefruits, and gooseberries should be consumed on a regular basis. Since scurvy is induced by dietary deficiency, it can be completely prevented. Scurvy food allergies are one of the many causes of this condition, so if you have food allergies, take vitamin C regularly. Consume a lot of scurvy food to prevent the condition. Some of the foods to prevent scurvy include citrus fruits and green vegetables.

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