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Hepatitis C is a debilitating condition that can turn fatal in some cases unless treated properly, and on time. There is hardly any specific modern medicine that can be called an absolute cure for an acute attack of Hepatitis C. The disease affects the functioning of the liver and most of its multi-functions get affected due to this disease.

The liver is responsible for flushing out the toxins from the body and maintaining the complex digestive process. Several herbs have proven to be more effective in treating Hepatitis C than modern allopathic medicine. There are several effective home remedies that help in containing the disease to a great extent.

Natural ways to treat Hepatitis C

Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle is a medicinal herb that grows abundantly in dry and sunny regions. It is useful for treating a plethora of diseases and other pathological conditions and has been useful as folk medicine in the Mediterranean region for long. The compound silymarin, plays a major role in protecting the liver that may get damaged due to toxins or heavy consumption of alcohol which may lead to cirrhosis of the liver. This compound also helps fight the formation of cholesterol in the body. Milk Thistle is one of the best home remedies for Hepatitis C.

While Milk Thistle does not cause any major side effects if taken in measured doses, prolonged use may result in diarrhea, flatulence, nausea, vomiting and stomach upsets. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not use this remedy.

Red Sage Tea

Red Sage, also known as red salvia or danshen is a medicinal herb, and the root of this herb has been used for treating various illnesses including high cholesterol, diabetes and liver infections.  The tea made out of the root extract of Red Sage is effective for regeneration of the liver and helps fight the infection caused by Hepatitis C. Red Sage is one of the best home remedies for Hepatitis C.

While Red Sage does not cause any major side effects, it can cause allergic reactions like itching. It can also cause stomach upsets and loss of appetite.

Take a teaspoon of Red Sage Root extract

Boil a glass of water in a small bowl

Add the Red Sage root extract and allow it to steep for 10 minutes

Strain and add a teaspoon of honey

Drink this tea daily for a couple of weeks

Grapefruit Juice

Grapefruit (Citrus paradisi) is a citrus fruit with a pungent smell and taste that is sour-sweet. Furthermore, it has a bitter taste that is due to the presence of the compound naringenin. Grapefruit is highly acidic in nature and is loaded with Vitamin B1 and C, biotin, pectin, copper, potassium, panthothenic acid and lycopene. It is the flavonoids naringenin that helps in reducing the virus and hastens the recovery process.

Grapefruit juice does not cause any side effects when consumed in small quantities. However, it may cause side effects when consumed in large amounts and may also react with certain drugs. If you are under medication, check with your doctor before taking this remedy.

Take two or three fresh grapefruits

Wash and cut in halves and extract the juice

Drink this juice daily for a week or 10 days

Continue the process for longer if needed.

Fresh Lime Juice

Fresh lime juice is probably one of the easiest and most effective drinks that can help a person recover from Dehydration. Known as Citrus Aurantifolio in scientific terms, lime has been useful for most cultures across the world as a refreshing beverage. Moreover, it is loaded with Vitamin C and a host of natural antioxidants and helps clear the body of free radicals. Also, it helps rejuvenate the body that is affected due to Dehydration and hastens the recovery process.

Take a fresh lime and cut in two halves

Squeeze out the juice from one-half

Add it to a glass of water

Mix a teaspoon of pure honey

Drink this two to three times daily for a week or more.

Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Salad

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables as salads is probably one of the easiest and best ways to combat dehydration. Furthermore, most of the fruits are minerals and a good choice of vitamins that do good for the body. Moreover, as dehydration causes the body to lose essential fluids and minerals, eating fresh fruits and vegetables help replace them quickly, thus hastening the recovery process. Besides that, fresh fruits and vegetables give the perfect answer to the question Eating fresh fruits and vegetables as salads does not cause any adverse side effects, and is good for health. Chronic diabetics should ensure that they do not include glucose rich fruits.

Take a couple of slices of fresh watermelon

Cut it into small cubes

Take a few pieces of cantaloupe (melon) and cut into cubes

Cut a piece of fresh papaya into small cubes

Make vegetable salad out of cucumber, spinach and tomatoes

Squeeze some fresh lime juice and sprinkle a pinch of salt

Eat a couple of plates of fruit and vegetable salad daily

Besides that, continue the process for as long as you want.

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