Natural Home Remedies For Hernia

hernia abdominal pains
hernia abdominal pains


hernia is defined as a bulging organ or fatty tissue through a soft or weak spot in the body. There are several different types and some are more common than the others.

it can likewise occur in the upper thigh, midsection catch, and crotch regions.

Home Remedies for Hernia

Home remedies for a hernia are as follows:

Castor Seed Oil

caster seed oil for hernia

Making castor seed oil pack and placing it on the stomach could soothe the painful symptoms of a hernia. castor seed oil has been used for a wide variety of stomach health concerns.

Aloe Vera Juice

aloe juice for hernia

with its anti inflammatory properties, the plant helps very well in curing hernia. taking aloe vera juice early in the morning before meals could be of great help.

Ice pack

When you suffer a hernia, there can often be inflammation, redness, and pain in the abdomen or groin.
applying an ice pack directly to the affected area can cause contraction and reduce inflammation in the body, often relieving the pain and swelling.


ginger for hernia

consuming this remedy in liquid form as ginger juice, or eating it raw can give your stomach a healthy boost and reduce much of the pain.

You can also consume ginger root tea and relieve the pain and inflammation.

Black Pepper Powder is good for hernia

for hernia

Black pepper has been associated with soothing stomach issues and reducing inflammation of the gut. It can also help suppress acid reflux .

Relieve Stress

yoga good for hernia

A major factor in the formation of hernias is stress and anxiety.
Excess stress hormones in the body can weaken the body’s organs and put more strain on your metabolism as a whole.

Stomach issues and acid reflux can also be affected by stress which could increase risk of inflammation .
Great stress reduction activities include meditation, yoga, acupuncture, massages would be of great help.

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