Hypertension: Symptoms and Treatment

hypertension symptoms

Hypertension: Symptoms and Treatment


Hypertension symptoms are very important to be noticed. Furthermore, people with high blood pressure usually have no hypertension symptoms can have the condition for years without knowing it.

Furthermore, we call it the silent killer, because patients are often asymptotic. In rare cases, some people with high blood pressure experience headaches. These are hypertension symptoms.

Stretching of the blood vessels can also cause tears and scars that create places for cholesterol or blood to build up.


High blood pressure is diagnosed from a blood pressure test. Typically, doctors place a blood pressure cuff on the arm, which has a gauge that measures pressure in the blood vessels.

Furthermore, patients should avoid smoking cigarettes for 30 minutes before the test.

Because a person’s blood pressure can vary depending on a number of factors. Including the time of day, a doctor will usually check blood pressure several times

This device can show whether a person really does have hypertension, and how well they are responding to treatment, he said.

If a patient doesn’t want to use an ambulatory blood pressure monitor. They can also use a home blood pressure monitor.

Furthermore, people whose systolic blood pressure readings differed were more likely to have cardiovascular problems.

Treatment & medication

If we can do our best to work on diet, we could take this burden down.

Lifestyle changes including changes in diet and physical activity for treating high blood pressure.

But many people with hypertension will need take medications, as well as make lifestyle changes.

In addition, stress relief practices, such as meditation or other relaxation techniques, can also be helpful in lowering blood pressure.

Side effects from blood pressure medication tend to be minor, and can include cough, diarrhea, dizziness, feeling tired, headaches, e.t.c.

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