Health Benefits Of Dates: Super Food For Heart Attack


Dates are also known as Khajoor and it has different names in other countries as well.

It is been believed that from Iraq country this delicious and wrinkled fruit came in highlight.

there are a variety of dates available in all over the world, all the types are tasty and have many health advantages.

Some of the names of date fruit are,Medjool,Barhi, Dayri, HayaniAjwah etc. 

dates include many necessary nutrients and vitamins as well as dates are the rich source of fiber, potassium and anti-oxidants.

Medjool is said to be the most delicious and healthy date variety from all other, but you can choose according to your taste.

Some people love to eat yellow ones while some people love to eat black, and many of them always prefer dried ones.

Health Benefits Of Dates

1. Good for Constipation

Constipation is said to be the most common issue of today’s life. Wrong eating habits and improper lifestyle lead to the improper bowl management. People do lots of efforts for fighting of constipation. 

2. For Better Cardiac Health

Your heart is like a CPU of your body, and if something went wrong with heart then it takes a long time for recovery. So we will recommend that awareness is must

As we told you that they have a rich amount of anti-oxidants and fiber, which is quite a fine source for the heart’s arteries and it can help to clean and open the blocked arteries.

3. Help to Control Cholesterol

Dates have a rich amount of vitamin B and vitamin Kas well as iron and potassium.

So if any person eats only 3 dates in a day regularly then, the person will never be going to have bad cholesterol level. 

4. Enhances Bone Health

Many researchers have been proved that they are effective for bone health as well. Dates include selenium, copper, magnesium, and rich in vitamin K, all the components are helpful for bone health.

You can also have dried dates and boil them into some milk; this ancient remedy is also powerful for healthy bones. If you had a child at your home then must use it for better growth.

5. Improves the Blood Pressure Level

Dates contain several minerals and anti-oxidants as well as potassium, which is beneficial for blood pressure. If a person eats only 3 dates daily then he will never be going to face blood pressure related issues.

The magnesium and potassium help to control sodium and calms the blood vessels and improves the blood pressure level.

6. Works as a Tonic for Sexual Health

The ancient Egyptian people used to have them boosting up the sexual power. As well as, it has been found in old studies that they are introduced fruit to human-kind, approximately 7000 years ago. 

7. Beneficial for Skin and Hairs

Dates are used for looking young and beautiful from ancient time. contain anti-aging formula with vitamin D and C, so eating them can be good news for females also. Dates help to maintain the hormonal imbalance, so you won’t have early wrinkles.

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