Polio virus causes Poliomyelitis which is also known as infantile paralysis. Furthermore, this deadly and contagious disease affects the brain and spinal cord leading to paralysis in some cases.

Besides that, polio takes one to five years old children in its grasp. It is such type of virus, which enters in the body of infant and children, who are younger than five year.

Ayurvedic Treatment: 

Ayurveda is the ancient or traditional healing methods of the Indians. This ancient healing method can reduce the symptoms of polio, help polio patients to recover fast and help survivors not to have a re-occurrence like post-polio syndrome.
According to this healing system; polio occurs when there is a divergence in vata-pitta-kamba which affects the dhosa (energies of the body).

This physiological shift causes toxins (ama) to build up and attack the nervous system. To be treated positively Ayurvedic says that there must be a re-balancing of these within the body.


This is a system of treatment in which diseases are treated by minute doses of natural substances that when given to a healthy person will cause the symptoms of the disease in that healthy person.

Furthermore, many polio survivors owe their full recovery to homeopathic treatment and medicines. Also, homeopathy is not for everybody. It is only for the people that actively want to get well.

Besides that, you have to be willing to sacrifice things like smoking and coffee. Instant food and canned food, tap water.


This is another alternative medicine that can prevent and treat post-polio syndrome. Furthermore, this branch of alternative healing makes use of nutritional supplementation.

Bio therapists also make use of acupuncture, electro acupuncture and electro muscle stimulation which helps to

  • Improve microcirculation
  • Promote the manufacture of brain neurotransmitters, (the special chemicals that take part in nervous conductivity, muscle contraction, and muscle tone),
  • Reduce stress, decrease depression, and control pain.
  • Promote alertness during the day, allowing for a sound night’s sleep.
  • Stimulate nerve and muscle regeneration.
  • Improve memory and concentration.
  • Increase muscle mass, improve stamina and endurance, and increase energy

They can also help patients quit smoking, lose weight, stop caffeine addiction and help them exercise for optimum functions of the muscles.


Ginger is another wonderful natural remedy that helps in the treatment of polio, small to large portions of raw ginger can be in consumption by the patient several times daily.

Furthermore, add it generously to the patient’s food and ginger and give lemon herbal tea to the patient three times daily. Besides that, ginger essential oil can be used to massage the whole body, especially the affected part and it can also be taken orally.

Licorice roots: 

This is a powerful herbal remedy for poliomyelitis; take the root extract capsules twice daily.

Cat’s claw:

 This herbal remedy helps in fighting poliomyelitis, take 2 to 3 times daily.


 This ancient antiviral Chinese herb treats polio; take the extract capsules twice daily.
Other natural remedies are black pepper, fennel and coriander; add this generously to the patient’s meal.

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