Best Natural Cures For Amnesia


Best Natural Cures For Amnesia

Amnesia is a condition in which a person suffers from partial or complete loss of memory. Poor memory and forgetfulness are the most common symptoms of this mental condition. A person suffering with amnesia may forget simple things like own name and address. Other symptoms like intolerance to noise and inability to concentrate are also noticed. There are two types of amnesia that generally occur.

The home remedies for amnesia include eating apples, walnuts, black pepper, sage, almonds, and fruits. You can also try practicing meditation to relieve amnesia.

Home Remedies for Amnesia

Let us take a look at the many amazing home remedies for amnesia in detail below.


Apples have vitamins and minerals, namely phosphorus and potassium, which are highly beneficial for amnesia. Eat an apple along with a teaspoon of honey and 1 cup of milk to treat amnesia.


Walnuts are beneficial during memory loss. They are also used to overcome other brain disorders. You can take 20 grams of walnuts regularly for benefits.

Black Pepper

Take a preparation of finely grounded seeds of 5 black peppercorns along with a teaspoon of honey in the morning as well as in the evening to combat the problem.


Sage acts on the cortex part of the brain and thereby helps in treating amnesia. It also plays an important role in mitigating mental exhaustion. In addition to this, sage also helps in developing one’s concentration. It is advised to drink tea prepared from sage leaves for its amazing benefits.


Almonds strengthen the brain’s activity. They have special properties that act on the brain’s debility can restore poor memory as well. You can soak almonds in water for 1 hour and then remove the outer coating. Make a fine paste with butter and sandalwood, and then inhale this mixture for some time.

Brahmi Booti

This is another herb, whose botanical name is Bacopa Scrophulariaceae. It is beneficial in the treatment of amnesia. You can grind up to 7 grams of this herb along with almonds and pepper and then consume this mixture.


Your diet should include all the essential elements. A diet rich in phosphorus like cereals, milk, nuts, and fruit juices should be eaten. Cow milk is highly beneficial, but should only be consumed as much as you can digest. Older people must stay away from cola, coffee, tea, chocolate, alcohol, white flour, sugar, artificial food colors, white rice, strong condiments, and chemical additives.


Consuming fruits like figs, oranges, apples, and grapes help in memory loss. Figs and raisins are beneficial as well.

Eat Organic Food

The Pesticides and other toxins in the non-organic food can lead to memory loss. Moreover, they also hamper the brain health too.

On the other hand, organic foods are completely pesticide and toxin free, so they will aid in the brain health and thereby brain functioning.

Eat Fish

Fish has omega-3 fatty acids. These acids are vital for the brain health. Omega-3 is not present in plants, the best source are the fishes.

Additionally, Omega-3 is good for the heart health too. Go for wild fishes like salmon, sardines, and anchovy.


Meditating is another good way of keeping the brain cells healthy and exercising them too. Make it a habit to meditate for at least 10 minutes a day daily.

This will calm down your mind, body, and soul and in turn, sharpen your memory too.

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