Amazing Benefits Of Mango you should know


Well, frankly speaking, the mango needs no introduction. Mango is available in numerous varieties, but the most popular one among all is Alphonso.

The ripe mango fruit varies in color and size. Mangoes can be yellow, orange, green or red. 

The leaves are 15 to 35 cm long and evergreen. The young leaves are orangish pink, but the transition to dark glossy red and turn dark green as they mature.

Health Benefits Of Mangoes

We have already seen a brief about how mangoes can be good for your health. Now, we move to the specifics. Following are the many ways mangoes can benefit you.

1. Prevent Cancer

The pulp of the fruit contains carotenoids, ascorbic acid, terpenoids, and polyphenols – all of which are responsible for the fruit’s cancer-preventing properties

moreover they are also found to contain unique antioxidants that are absent in other fruits and vegetables

2. Prevent Heart Disease

Including mangoes in a balanced diet could help reduce body fat and also control blood sugar

However, according to a report, they contain numerous minerals and phytochemicals that were found to have positive effects on body fat and glucose.

3. Promote Healthy Sex

Mangoes can be good aphrodisiacs too.

The fruit is rich in vitamin E, which is known to boost sex drive

However, in an Australian study, the combination of vitamin E and beta-carotene was found to improve sperm health in men. This combination was also found to be the best defense against sperm damage.

4. Might Help Treat Diarrhea

Not the fruit, but its leaves. Mango leaves are rich in tannins and can be dried and consumed for treating diarrhea.

hence, in some parts of the Caribbean Islands, the leaf decoction is used to treat diarrhea 

5. Might Treat Anemia

Given their iron content, they are beneficial for individuals and pregnant women suffering from anemia

Also, with their iron content, they are beneficial for individuals and pregnant women suffering from anemia.

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