5 SImple Natural Ways To Regain Virginity

naturally regain your virginity

5 SImple Natural Ways To Regain Virginity

There are many different myths linked with regaining virginity. And most of you might be thinking that, It is really possible of not?
As said by medical science there is no demonstrated approach for re-establishing a girls virginity.
however, by utilizing some natural cures a lady’s virginity can be gained back.

Top 5 natural ways to regain virginity.

If you wish to regain your virginity. Well, if you prefer to read, scroll down.

1) Goosberries:

Gooseberries are a rich source of vitamin C which will help in tightening the vagina naturally.
All you have to do is:
Boil some gooseberries in water and store it in the bottle.
When you are taking bath, apply this solution over the vagina. This will help to restore the elasticity of your vagina in no time. And for best results, do it daily.

2) ALoe Vera

It is one among the most popular herbal plant on earth. Aloe Vera increases the skin’s elasticity, making it more flexible, through elastin and collagen repair.
It is effective for strengthening the muscles of the vagina and attaining fast relief from genital problems.
For gaining the best benefit from Aloe Vera you just need to squeeze out the gel from the aloe vera leaves
And apply onto your vaginal areas.


3) Go for a healthy diet:

To keep your pelvic floor muscles, exercise is just not enough. You also need to feed the muscles correctly daily to ensure its correct growth and repair. Eat well-balanced meals
Eating well-balanced meals has many advantages to your body. Great meals will help provide your body with enough nutrients and minerals for growth and repair of tissues and muscles in the body. More so, meals will help keep your vagina healthy and strong hence regaining its elasticity. Start by eating carbohydrates, animal protein and organic fruits and vegetables if you want to have a tight vagina once again.
So, it is important that you get a healthy diet full of whole grains organic carbohydrates, organic lean animal protein, and organic fruits and vegetables.

4) Exercise and Sweat

Along with Pelvic floor exercise, go for other exercises like Pilates and Yoga.
These exercises incorporate working on the pelvic floor muscles and strengthening your core muscles with together will help your pelvic floor muscles tighter for longer.

5) Kegel Exercise/Pelvic Exercise

Kegel exercises are also known as pelvic floor exercises because they specifically target this area and prevent weakness in the pelvic floor area. These exercises are a great place to start treating vaginal looseness, especially if you are struggling to reach climax temporarily.
Plus, they can be done in the privacy of your own home, when no one is around, so no one has to know you are doing them.






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