5 Keys To Treat And Cure Any Sexual Dysfunction

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Keys To Treat And Cure Any Sexual Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a nightmare to men in their reproductive age. It cause great anxiety, fear and relationship disharmony among sexual partners. It is defined as the persistent inability to achieve an erection. The inability to maintain an erection for a pleasurable and satisfactory sexual intercourse. Most sexually active men experience some form of erectile problems, but this doesn’t make them have erectile dysfunction. For a diagnosis of erectile dysfunction, the inability to achieve an erection should be affecting the sexual life of the individual. In this article, we will look at the key remedies for the treatment of erectile dysfunction

1. Cut down on stress

Till date, stress has been considered as the main cause of erectile dysfunction in men. This may account for the higher incidence in men who are in their prime of life because of stress. It could be from their jobs, family and social stress, marital disharmony, fear of sexually transmitted infections, guilt and depression. The key remedy for erectile dysfunction is to cut down on activities that increase stress.

2. Strict adherence to your medications

Drugs like sildenafil and tadalafil have been used effectively in the treatment of erectile dysfunction. It is recommended that you visit your physician for a proper medical checkup before commencing these drugs. It is because of their ability to cause life-threatening complications. These sexual enhancement drugs are best taken 30 minutes before sexual activity and you must adhere to the prescribed dose. However, it is worth mentioning that certain drugs used in the treatment of other medical conditions can cause erectile dysfunction.

Drugs used in treating diabetes, hypertension and antipsychotic medicines are notorious for causing erectile dysfunction. As part of the key remedies for erectile dysfunction, you should inform your physician on all your current medications and any over the counter drugs (OTCs). These drugs are also life-saving drugs and you should not adjust or stop taking any of these drugs except after consulting your physician who may likely tamper down the dose or change the medication.

3. Quit cigarette smoking and cut down on alcohol

Excessive cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption destroys the tiny nerves and blood vessels found in the penis which are responsible for erection. Studies have shown that erectile dysfunction symptoms reduce in men who cut down on their alcohol and tobacco use. Alcohol also inhibits nitric oxide which is released during sexual activity. Nitric oxide is responsible for the relaxation of the smooth muscles of the penile tissues leading to penile engorgement and erection. Quitting cigarette and alcohol consumption is a key remedy in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

4. Talk with your partner

It takes two to tango and a problem shared is said to solve. Talking with your partner relieves stress and anxiety, stimulates sexual intercourse, and gives psychological preparation which aids in relieving symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Let your partner know your sexual needs, let her know what stimulates you sexually and let her be aware of ways she can be of help at kick starting your sexual libido. Men who are encouraged by their spouses have a better sexual life than men with uncooperative spouses.

5. Eat healthily and exercise regularly

Eating healthy and regular exercise is a key remedy in erectile dysfunction. Adequate nutrition provides the body with essential nutrients and antioxidants which help in neutralizing free radicals and toxins that target the tiny blood vessels and nerves that supply the external genitalia. Eating healthy and exercising regularly reduces the risk of obesity, hypertension, depression, diabetes and respiratory disorders that affect sexual activity and erectile dysfunction. It also reduces stress and improves sexual stamina which ultimately leads to a better sexual life.

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