5 Health Reasons Lasting Over 25 Minutes during sex is Important – Expert Reveals how you can achieve it

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5 Health Reasons Lasting Over 25 Minutes during sex is Important – Expert Reveals how you can last for 30 minutes during sex.

Sex is good for you. Have you been told? As a man? You are like a switch sexually. As soon as that woman you like flips you, you are set for fun, isn’t it? But FUN is not all that sex offers. NO

There are lots of good things that come with sex and it’s good you know where you have been missing out.

This article is aimed at explaining many health benefits a man gets by lasting over 25 minutes in bed as revealed by experts.

So if you are a One Minute man on bed, obviously, you have been missing out on lots of fabulous goodies that come with sex.

1. Cancer prevention

It has been proven through extensive research that men will reduce the risk of prostate cancer if they are able to spend quality time during active sex – during penetration.This is a great benefit. Sadly, men who are not capable of lasting up to 25 minutes in action hardly attain the level of stimulation that their bodies need to reach this benefit.

Read this article to the end for a no side effect solution to help you last more than 30 minutes every night during sex.

2. It kills stress and restores you to full active capacity

When there is peace and love in a relationship, “happiness” abounds.And beside its ability to boost motivation, engagement, creativity, energy, happiness also, significantly, sustains good health.

Your sex life is what you make it to be. It can either be good or bad.

Needless to remind you, any man who desires to retain a woman as partner or lover by keeping her happy must not only be good at sex, but he must also try to make it a habit, because even women who are not considered very active become warm and very grateful when properly satisfied by a strong man who lasts long enough in bed to enable them reach their long heights of pleasure and full gratification.

3. It promotes healthy levels of testosterone

This particular benefit of sex helps to keep the heart sound and perfectly functional.It also helps you to retain a youthful appearance.

4. Endorphins are released during sex and it does great improvements to the immune system.

Sex is beyond what the mind perceives as fun. During sex, every cell in the body is amped up and brought to action. And the rippling sensation that accompanies it gets them to full functional capacity.

At this point, endorphins are released into the cells. This goes round to bring overall stimulation to the body. It also emboldens your psychological well-being in such a manner that removes shame from you.

A verified research also proves that the more time you spend having sex amounts to more endorphins you will release.

5. Fitness

Physical exercise is often recommended by doctors as a measure to keep the body fit.Has any of these doctors been kind enough to tell you that all you need to burn 150 calories is just 30 minutes of sex?

Yes! It’s an undiluted fact.

Research has also proven that not only will lasting over 25 minutes in bed help you to stay fit by burning off the unwanted calories, it also helps to strengthen the arteries and veins and by doing so, removes impurities from the system that would cause problems if allowed to remain.

So how can you enjoy all the healthy benefit having long lasting sex with your partner gives you when you don’t go more than 2 minutes or you suffer from weak erection?

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