22 Essential Health Benefits of Cocoyam leaves

health benefits of cocoyam leaves

22 Essential Health Benefits of Cocoyam leaves

Before we dive into cocoyam leaves, what is cocoyam? Cocoyam or Taro (Colocasia esculenta) is a starchy eatable tuber and bears wide greenish leaves. It is grown in a few places over the world. We normally consume the roots tubers or its leaves, domestically called kontomire. Both the root and leaves have numerous medical advantages for the body since they are rich in supplements.

Essentials of cocoyam levaes

All right, let us find out what we discovered as a portion of the astounding advantages of kontomire.

1) Boost immune system

One (1) cup of cocoyam leaves contains around 145mg of Vitamin C, around 86% of our body’s every day prerequisite. This will help support your immune system effectively.

2) Prevention of Cancer

Cocoyam leaves are rich in vitamin C which goes about as a cancer prevention agent. This battles against free radicals that causes cancer and help to avert numerous illnesses.

3) Healthy eyes.

Cocoyam leaves are also rich in vitamin A notwithstanding the vitamin C. The measure of vitamin A can be as high as 123% of our day by day requirement. It is useful for eyes to remain solid, keep up the visual keenness, and keep the eyes diseases, for example, myopia, cataract and visual deficiency.

4) Aid Digestion and Prevents stomach related issues.

The high dietary fiber in cocoyam leaves helps in nourishment digestion and absorption. Cocoyam leaves can prevent stomach related issues, for example, indigestion, constipation, and diarrhoea.

5) Cholesterol level Reduction

Cocoyam leaves have no cholesterol and just 1% of aggregate fat, as, is the best eating routine for lessening cholesterol. Furthermore, the dietary fiber and methionine contained in cocoyam leaves can diminish the cholesterol viably. They tie and separate fat and cholesterol particularly triglyceride.

6) Help in weight Loss

Cocoyam leaves are low in fat and high in protein. It is along these lines, the best eating regimen to diminish your fat and get your mass muscle.

7) Reduce Inflammation.

Cocoyam leaves contain Omega 3 which assumes a part in irritation process and can restrain the arrival of fiery substances. It can treat illnesses like joint inflammation – arthritis, gastritis, or lupus disease.

8) Protect the sensory system

It is safe to say that you are feeling the indications of shivering, deadness, or torment in your appendage? You can eat taro leaves to lessen those manifestations. The vitamin B complex including thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, and also vitamin B6  in cocoyam leaves ensure the sensory system. They additionally support the safe framework.

9) Control the Blood Pressure

The Omega 3, a basic unsaturated fat, help deliver hormones to control the withdrawal and unwinding of arteries wall. On the off chance that this system is going great, the blood pressure can be kept at a normal level..

10) Healthy bone

Cocoyam leaves likewise contain calcium which is useful for the development and support of solid bone. It works with phosphorous to reinforce the bone and teeth.

11) Fetal cerebrum and sensory system improvement

Other than its rich supplements content, Also, the leaves additionally contain folate which is basic for the advancement of your fetal brain and sensory system. Therefore, It is, subsequently great to consume cocoyam leaves when you are pregnant. Furthermore, Be that as it may, make sure to cook them a long time before you eat.

12) Anemia Prevention

Cocoyam leaves eating regimen is prescribed in the avoidance of paleness. Furthermore, this is on account of they contain press mineral which helps in red platelet arrangement. Therefore, the vitamin C content moreover ingests the iron well.


13) Fetal bone and teeth advancement

Moreover, the manganese in cocoyam leaves helps in the fetal ligament, bone, and also teeth development amid pregnancy

14) Prevention of preeclampsia in pregnancy

The consumption of cocoyam leaves help to avoid preeclampsia (a pregnancy complication portrayed by hypertension and also indications of harm to another organ system, frequently the kidneys) amid pregnancy. Furthermore, the magnesium mineral aides in muscle relaxation and can be utilized to avoid preeclampsia.

15) Reduce wrinkle on the skin

Cocoyam leaves likewise contain the amino corrosive called threonine. Therefore, the threonine helps in the arrangement of elastin and collagen which are also useful for the sound skin. Furthermore, They keep the skin from wrinkle and revive skin.

16) Quick treatment for diarrhoea

The zinc in cocoyam leaves ensures intestinal mucosa. When you get diarrhoea, the intestine wall loses its mucosa. Zinc discharges the mucosa rapidly to promptly stop diarrhoea.

17) Very great Energy source

Cocoyam leaves exhibit extraordinary compared to other energy hotspots for the body through its basic amino corrosive called isoleucine. Furthermore, this protein controls the glucose and also expands the muscle quality and also vitality levels. This is also the best eating regimen for individuals who love to work out.

18) Promote the bone and skin healing.

A fundamental amino corrosive called leucine is contained by cocoyam leaves. Furthermore, it advances the bone and skin healing by discharging the common painkiller called enkephalins. Therefore, It doesn’t just encourage the bone recuperating yet additionally soothe the pain also.

19) Enhance the memory and mind-set.

Cocoyam leaves discharge dopamine (a monoamine neurotransmitter found in the cerebrum and also the basic for the ordinary working of the focal sensory system)  which acts in the mind and also sensory system. Furthermore, Incorporated by phenylalanine, it upgrades your mind memory and also controls your mood.

20) Help to treat nicotine addiction

Cocoyam leaves contain tyrosine, a pivotal amino corrosive in the human body. Furthermore, it also turns into an adaptogen substance which limits the impact of nicotine, cocaine, and espresso fixation.

21) Increase sperm creation

Cocoyam leaves contain arginine, an amino corrosive which builds sperm creation. furthermore, This makes it useful for men.

22) A detoxification operator

Histidine, one of the basic amino acids is additionally contained in cocoyam leaves. Furthermore, It fills in as a detoxification operator that also expels the overwhelming metals from the body thereby shield the body from harm from radiation.


You shouldn’t consume cocoyam leaves in a raw condition since it has a perilous poison. If you don’t mind soak them first the spotless water for around 10-15 minutes. From that point onward, cook them well to expel its lethal substance. It is normally bothersome in the throat if not all around cooked.






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