14 Natural Home Remedies for Syphilis


14 Natural Home Remedies for Syphilis

Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease (STD) caused by the bacterium (Treponema pallidum). The symptoms of syphilis vary from genital sores to heart and neurological problems and even death.

Syphilis cases, though, have started to rise due to drug-resistant strains. If you are looking for a natural cure for syphilis, then we have some suggestions. Our home remedies for syphilis bring together all the natural treatments that have been researched as effective against the disease. However, we strongly advise you to seek medical attention if you are diagnosed.

For a syphilis treatment other than penicillin, there are a few options. These home remedies for syphilis can help you recover from syphilis.

1. Heart-leaved Moonseed

Heart-leaved Moonseed is a native Indian shrub has been described as a “miraculous ayurvedic herb” that has been used to treat a wide variety of diseases.

It has long been viewed as a natural cure for syphilis. It also is used to treat gonorrhea, diabetes, cancer, and anemia.

In recent years, scientists have studied some of its active components and their biological function in disease control.

While more research is needed to conclusively demonstrate its efficacy in treating syphilis, the evidence thus far suggests that it can help you recover from the disease.

You can benefit from its various healing properties by consuming its aqueous stem extract three times each day for 8 weeks.

2. Desert Wormwood

Desert wormwood is a heavily aromatic plant that has been as a natural cure for syphilis, other infectious diseases, inflammatory disorders, and nervous disorders in Jordanian traditional medicine.

A 2015 study found that appropriate doses of desert wormwood essential oil had antifungal and anti-inflammatory activities properties, without causing any detrimental effects.

More research is needed to firmly establish its efficacy in alleviating syphilis symptoms, but you can consider incorporating desert wormwood oil into your treatment.

3. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum has many health benefits by virtue of antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antimutagenic, antimicrobial, antifungal, antiangiogenic, and nematicidal properties.

A bark is purgative and it treats syphilis, constipation, and intestinal parasitic infections in traditional Indian medicine.

In the meantime, you could potentially benefit from consuming chrysanthemum bark extract.

4. Tamarind

Tamarind is a traditional medicine cure for syphilis in the South West Bengal of India.

Furthermore, it has antimicrobial, hepatoprotective, anthelmintic, antioxidant, analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, while researchers endeavor to study its bioactive components, you stand to benefit from consuming this pod-like fruit.

5. Natural antibiotics

Some natural antibiotics superfoods that can fight a syphilis infection are available. However, why not use more?

Furthermore, plants have been fighting pathogens for millions of years. Also, they develop a wide variety of compounds that have antimicrobial and antibiotic properties.

There is a natural antibiotic for almost any infection and these superfoods represent a whole new line of defense against infection.

Add to your diet all of the well-known natural antibiotics. These include garlic, turmeric, oregano and apple cider vinegar to name but a few.

While there is no specific research for these foods as a treatment for syphilis, there is a large amount of research into their antibacterial effects.

6. Asteraceae

Asteraceae, a perennial shrub native to Madagascar, is a home remedy for syphilis, diarrhea, cough, and headache.

To benefit from its purgative qualities, grind equal amounts of Asteraceae and Heart-leaved moonseed together, and then add some honey. Consume 4 grams of this powder with water twice a day to relieve some of the syphilis symptoms.

7. Cypriol

Cypriol is a delicate grass native to India. It treats a variety of diseases, including syphilis, diarrhea, epilepsy, gonorrhea, and liver damage.

8. Ginger

Nausea and digestive problems are common symptoms.

Ginger treats nausea for centuries and it is an effective treatment for nausea from this infection.

Ginger is also an antibiotic because of its ability to treat infections in the body. While there is no specific research for ginger effects on this infection if nothing else it will treat the chronic nausea symptoms of the disease.

It also is an excellent natural remedy for gut health and will assist in restoring your gut balance if you are taking antibiotics.

9. Mugwort

A common symptom of this infection is severe joint pain and natural remedies that soothe inflamed joints can be helpful.

Mugwort’s anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties, reducing joint pain and increasing mobility.

Furthermore, research has demonstrated that mugwort essential is effective against syphilis and can but used as a natural treatment for the disease.

10. Aleppo cyclamen

The bulbs of Cyclamen treats syphilis, sterility of men and women, and the genitourinary tract in Palestinian traditional medicine.

11. Probiotics

Antibiotics are the most effective treatment for this infection but if you decide to use them, this does not mean you should ignore natural remedies.

Antibiotics will kill all the bacteria they come into contact with including the good bacteria in your gut.

They do not distinguish between bacteria and can leave your gut flora barren.

Bacteria can take months to recolonize after antibiotics, and in some cases, the composition of the flora is a permanent change.

Probiotics with a high concentration of bacteria will help restore your gut balance.

This is very important when treating this infection: the majority of your body’s immune cells reside in the gut and your immune system cannot effectively fight the disease if you have poor quality gut bacteria.

12. Radish seeds

Radish seeds is a medical properties against syphilis in Pakistani traditional medicine.

13. Silkrubber

Silkrubber is an African rubber tree that treats syphilis, gonorrhea, whooping cough, inflammatory diseases, cutaneous fungal infections and hemorrhoids.

Also, its ethanol leaf and bark extracts demonstrates significant antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory activities.

14. Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a natural antibiotic.  its healing effects, particularly on the soft tissues. Also, it is one of the best home remedies for this infection.

Furthermore, it is good for the treatment. This substance can also repair damaged skin to a certain extent. Colloidal silver can repair cellular respiration and regenerate injured cells.

Before you can use colloidal silver to treat this infection, wash the infection parts using warm water and let them dry. Dab it on the affected parts once a day.

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